New Evidence May Point To A Daredevil MCU Project In Development

It’s been over a year since Murphy’s Multiverse first reported that Charlie Cox would be returning as Matt Murdoch/Daredevil in the then untitled third MCU Spider-Man feature film. Following his cameo in the record-breaking spidey threequel, as well as Vincent D’Onofrio‘s Kingpin appearing in Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye, it felt like a matter of time until news would surface hinting at a Daredevil-centered project set well within the boundaries of the MCU.

A likely new Marvel Studios production LLC formed a little less than two weeks ago seems to be a hint of just that. Its title, “Blind Faith Productions LLC”, feels like a perfectly condensed summary of two of Murdoch’s most defining characteristics, both physical and spiritual. But this does not mean that a new Daredevil project will debut any time soon as there’s no way of telling if the LLC is indeed for a Marvel project. As for the character of Matt Murdock, and quoting Charlie Cox himself, “expect to see him everywhere” while we wait for him to lead his own project.

Following the take on the character seen in the Netflix shows, there is still a lot to get to in terms of Daredevil storylines. The biggest selling point might be getting to witness his interactions with so many of the characters that have now become available to explore, from Echo to She-Hulk just to name a couple. But smaller details like having him don his iconic yellow suit may very well come into play. Yellow is obviously not the best color to wear while trying to remain unnoticed in the middle of the night while battling criminals (even if you can make the case for it being a great hoodie color) but bringing into the picture how it is meant as a tribute to his late father, besides a cool new look, it will certainly give us yet another layer for the character to expand and grow out from.

Limited liability companies are created to mitigate risk and keep the accounting for each project separate. More often than not, once the LLCs are established, the next step will be finding writers and eventually directors and/or showrunners, so we can only hope that that news will be coming out in the next few months.

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