WB Confirms its Search for A New Superman

The future of Kal-El in the DC Universe has been up in the air for some time now. The last time we officially saw him was at the tail end of Shazam, in which a body double donned the cape for the brief cameo appearance. Fans have been clamoring for another film in the Superman franchise, With Henry Cavill back in the role and continuing where they left off in  Man of Steel. It seems now that the studio has another idea, and wishes to move in a different direction with the character.

A while back it was reported that author Ta-Nehisi Coates was set to write the script for the next Superman film, with J.J. Abrams producing on the project. With this news came word that the studio was interested in the idea of having a Black actor pick up the cape and crest as the next Man of Steel. A recent report from The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed this news and adds that the studio is looking for someone to star and direct. Details from sources close to the project say that Coates is developing a story that would see Kal-El coming from Krypton while also possibly being a 20th century period piece. Coates isn’t expected to turn in his script until December, so it could be a while before we hear any news on who will star or direct the project.

The film could be looking to tell the story of Calvin Ellis, who also happens to go by Kal-El, sent to earth as the world of Krypton imploded in on itself. This version of Superman is also the president of the United States on his earth, having been based on former president Barack Obama.

The next Superman film is still in very early development, and will reportedly follow the same route as The Batman as it’s reportedly not set within the main continuity of the overall franchise.


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