‘One Piece’ Creator Was Stumped by One Question from Live-Action Team

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Richard Bridgland was given quite the challenging task of bringing the iconic world of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece to life. There are quite a few questions that could change the way they tackle the world-building that Oda is famous for and it seems that one question managed to surprise even the creator of this series.

In an interview by Collider’s Mike Thomas, Bridgland revealed that they managed to stump Oda with a simple question and that was if “there was electricity in the world.” What seems like a simple question would’ve defined the set design for their adaptation but it seems that Oda never gave that aspect a thought.

I remember one of the big things was about whether there was electricity in the world. It was really interesting because I needed to have electricity in the world for lighting because otherwise everything was gonna be candlelight and fire and everything, and it was gonna be so it could get very one note like that. And it was interesting because he came back, and he said, “That’s such a good question.” He’d never really thought of it in such a bold way.

Richard Bridgland

He was also asked if they may have included a power system that wouldn’t become relevant until much later. Yet, it seems that Oda didn’t want to spoil that quite yet and keep it for later, as it is more a defining trait of a major character and simply stated: “Look, don’t use the cola power. That’s something that appears later in the story arc, but let’s say, yes, there’s electricity.” So, it seems that we will have to wait a bit until we get to witness One Piece’s true power system.

Source: Collider

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