REPORT: Pixar May Reveal an ‘Inside Out’ Sequel During D23

inside out sequel

D23 is finally here and as per usual, it seems that some news is hitting the web shortly before the event starts to get people’s gears turning on what exactly the future has in store. While Marvel Studios was quite the victim of this trend in the past, especially shortly before their panel during San Diego Comic-Con a few months ago, it seems Pixar is hit this time around. In a new piece by Puck’s Matthew Belloni, he reveals that a sequel to Inside Out is set to be announced at D23.

It’s unclear exactly what the story might be or how it continues the original, but he does highlight that Bill Hader and Mindy Kaling are not set to return for the sequel. They took on the role of Fear and Disgust, but it would seem strange not to include the same emotions s the original did. Of course, we don’t know if this will stick to the original storyline and continue exploring the story of Kaitlyn Dias’ Riley growing up. There’s a chance they might take the concept and explore someone else’s life to mix things up. We did see the emotions of her parents also have their own voices.

Still, Inside Out was quite a popular release and used a rather creative concept to tell a story about how we all try to handle our own emotions. It’s definitely an idea that opens up to many more possibilities and it does seem fitting that they’d potentially explore this part of their Pixar universe again. Who knows, perhaps it ends up as a Disney+ series that tells different stories from many different perspectives, as everyone tries to handle their own emotions.

Source: Puck

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