‘One Piece’ Lore Analyst Contributed to Netflix’s Live-Action Series

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We all know that the upcoming One Piece series heading to Netflix has a big challenge. Not only do they have to tackle one of the most popular manga out there, but there is also 1,000+ chapters worth of world-building that would need to fit into a live-action setting. Showrunner Matt Owens is a long-time fan of the manga and would likely know what elements would fit into the East Blue to tease what future seasons could explore.

A big plus that Owens also brings to the project is that he’s very involved in the online One Piece community. As it turns out, he also wanted to make use of the knowledge that people have gathered throughout the many years of the manga’s run and had analyst and One Piece influencer Artur – Library of Ohara (on Twitter as @newworldartur) to support the production.

They took to their Twitter account to share that they contributed to the live-action series by helping with references to the franchise’s lore, Easter eggs, and even timeline. They do highlight that they weren’t directly involved with the production but it’s definitely great to see the production team also involve the community to ensure that every bit fits into the franchise many have come to love over 25 years.

They aren’t the only influencer that has been involved, as @RogersBase even openly confirmed he got a chance to visit the sets of Netflix’s One Piece series. @RandyTroy has even hosted Owens in his streams after the trailer dropped to discuss some of the details that were revealed. The showrunner is showcasing the potential of this series by having those that’ll share it with the wider community involved to create a stronger sense of authenticity.

Source: Twitter

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