First Reactions of New ‘One Piece’ Footage from Anime Expo

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Anime Expo dropped quite a bit for One Piece, as not only did we get a little trailer for the latest volume of the manga, but even a new video for the live-action adaptation. Netflix’s Japanese dub will feature the original voices, as Inaki Godoy got to meet Mayumi Tanaka. As it turns out, some influencers also got a sneak peek of a few clips from the series, which gives us a better indication of what the series is going to look like.

@newworldartur, who also revealed they also contributed to the lore of the adaptation, shared a few insights into what the series was like. We got a glimpse of what’s to come in the teaser trailer but they go on to praise that what the show does well is it’s “goofy and fun-loving” just like the original series.

Some negative remarks were that there was some cheesy or “cringe” dialogue but still praises the script. So, perhaps only a few lines here or there are a bit more awkward than others especially not uncommon with shows finding their footing early on. There were some comments about the CG but does highlight it works for what the show is going for, but also has some time to finish work on.

They do highlight that they are faithful to the original, but they still tweaked some of the characteristics to make them a tad more “realistic.” One of the bigger changes seems to be that Nami seemingly joins Luffy and Zoro in Shells City, as hinted at in the teaser. They do highlight that the changes give it a better flow which matches the later storylines.

One highlight seems to be that they believe there are small instances that come from Eiichiro Oda, like Luffy being able to “hear something from the Merry“. Overall, seems they quite enjoyed what they saw and it gives us a little sense of what we can expect from the series next month.

They weren’t the only ones, as YouTubers Volume One also shared their reaction to a scene, which seems ripped straight from the manga, where Nami tricks members of Buggy’s crew. They highlight that her costume seemingly ripped from the early Nami concept art, but also highlighted that the show feels “piraty” and highlights the scale. Seems that seeing more of the character also greatly helps how the characters come to life, with even praises of the cinematography which was criticized in the trailer.

Source: Twitter, YouTube

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