‘Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’ is Nintendo’s Biggest Worldwide Launch Ever

pokemon violet

It seems people are still just as crazy about Pokémon as ever, as the latest two entries Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have now sold over 10 million units worldwide within just three days. 4.05 million units were sold in Japan alone. As such, this marks the biggest launch ever for a Nintendo console release and a continued showcase of just how big this franchise remains to this day. It’s a testament to just how big this franchise is and why it has such a memorable place on the Nintendo console to this day.

The new open-world concept introduced in Legends Arceus has become the new staple of this mainline entry in the franchise. It even includes multiplayer modes such as four players interacting with each other, which likely played a big role in its growing numbers. Of course, Pokémon is one of the few franchises that still forces a dual release on gamers, as you have to decide between one of the two versions that offer some unique differences. The game combines elements from the spinoff with the mainline games, but there’s also been quite some controversy surrounding the title.

The game has been facing some performance issues with many sharing their frustration online. Plus, the game has been described as rushed by many given how barebones the game seems to be while facing countless glitches. With such high sales numbers, it’s hard to see developer Game Freak not continuing their three-year release plan moving forward but perhaps having found a new system could push them to build upon it moving forward. Of course,

Source: Business Wire

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