‘One Piece’ Season 2 Adds Long-Time Content Creator to Writer’s Room

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This news actually broke earlier in the month. However, given that the WGA strike was still active and its successful resolution had a higher priority, now that a deal has finally been made and SGA is on the horizon to get one, it seems like the right time to cover the story. Randy Troy, who is a long-time One Piece content creator, and has worked in the industry as an actor and writer, has joined the writer’s room for the second season of Netflix’s live-action adaptation.

The official announcement was made a few weeks ago on Twitter during the WGA strike that he is involved but was focused on ensuring the strike was a success. We know that the scrips are supposedly ready according to a producer of the One Piece series, which means he was likely already involved before the strike happened as they were preparing the script ahead of Season 1’s launch. While they didn’t know at the time they would be getting a renewal, it definitely was to keep everything going to ensure they can avoid a large gap between seasons’ release.

It also marks the second time that a content creator who has heavily joined the series’ long history gained a role as part of the live-action production. The first season also involved Artur – The Library of Ohara who supported keeping everything within the timeline that the original manga series followed. So, it’s exciting to see the heavy involvement of people from the community that’ll help this live-action adaptation flourish and grow going into its second, and likely even more ambitious next season.

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