‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Director on How They Made Natalie Portman Taller With Movie Magic

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Most discussions surrounding Marvel Studio’s films have been seemingly hyperfocused on CG ignoring most of the other work that goes into these projects. If you paid close attention, you’ll notice that Natalie Portman has grown a bit whenever she transforms into Mighty Thor. Well, it turns out that they used some movie magic to make her taller. In an interview with Insider, Taika Waititi revealed just how they accomplished that very feat.

As it turns out, all they had to do was build a small deck for her to stand on. So, while everyone else is walking, she’s walking alongside them on a deck of some kind. It seems the challenge they faced was that Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson had to walk alongside him. So, it seemingly brought a few challenges of its own.

We built a whole bunch of decking around the set. First we would block out the scene — mark out where the actors have to go so the crew knows the whole layout — and once we did that we build an elevated platform that was 4 feet high from the floor that she would walk on. But we also had to leave room so Chris and Tessa could walk around at regular height. It was a weird maze. But it worked.

Taika Waititi

It’s always fun to get a little look behind the scenes and hints at how exactly they accomplish these things. Robert Downey Jr. also used to wear higher heels in his shoes to seem taller on camera. So, it’s not the first time they pulled off something like this. It’s also great that they added this detail to highlight how she changes through the powers of Thor granted to her through Mjolnir. Sometimes it’s the small details that add that extra attention from the production team.

Source: Insider

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