Daybreak’s Marvel MMORPG Once Again Canceled

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Well, it seems that Daybreak’s visions of an MMORPG in the Marvel Universe may never truly come together, as it has been announced that the latest attempt has once again been squashed. It was initially announced back in November but it seems that EG7, Daybreak’s mother company has confirmed the canceled project. The statement was made as follows:

EG7 today announced it will be discontinuing the development of the Marvel project at Daybreak Games. Based on the re-evaluation of the development risk profile, size of investment, and the long-term product portfolio strategy for the group, the board has decided to change the development priorities and reallocate resources within the group to focus on alternative long-term projects.

This decision won’t deter any medium-term revenues and profits according to EG7, but it’s surprising that a second attempt would get canceled once again. They tried to get a project going back in 2018, but that project didn’t have any momentum before a second attempt would try to revive it. They have quite a bit of experience with comic book adaptations, such as their work on DC Universe Online, but no details are given about what led to the cancelation.

There have been hints that Marvel’s gaming license fee is quite steep, which makes long-term investments quite the gamble. Square-Enix invested quite a bit to get the license to work on four projects, which only managed to turn into the GaaS game Marvel’s Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. There’s no word if there was another Marvel game in some form of development, and if we’d ever see it after they sold their entire Western division. As of now, it seems Marvel has made its home on the mobile market and PlayStation consoles.

Source: NME

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