New ‘Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s Warzone Map Leaks Online After Reveal

modern warfare 2 leak

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II was just officially revealed with a teaser trailer yesterday, but it seems as if leakers weren’t too far behind as we have the first details of the accompanying Warzone 2 map coming from leaker Tom Henderson. The game is rumored to be arriving with Modern Warfare II in October, with the game’s new Escape From Tarkov type mode also being playable on this new map.

We had previously learned that the new Warzone map would be scattered with locations similar to older Call of Duty maps, similar to what we have seen in Warzone and Blackout. Rumored locations include the Airport which is a remake of the Modern Warfare franchise’s Terminal, an expanded version of Quarry, and possibly even bits of Favala, all beloved maps from Modern Warfare’s past. Although we don’t have a clear legitimate picture of the map as of yet, Henderson has drawn a mock-up of what he believes the map to be based on his insider knowledge, which has been pretty spot on with Modern Warfare II. You can see the mock-up below.

As you can see, multiple other POI exists on the map, possibly leading the way for even more classic locations to be featured, as we know is a staple of these larger Call of Duty maps by now. With the large focus on remastering the original Modern Warfare II maps, I would not be surprised to see Activision attempting to capitalize on the standout title that many fans consider the peak of Call of Duty games. Modern Warfare II is certainly shaping up to deliver on fan expectations, are you excited for the future of Call of Duty? Let us know!

Source: Try Hard Guides

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