‘The Flash’s New Suit Spotted at Licensing Expo

the flash suit

While we still have quite some time to go before The Flash hits theaters and redefines the DC Extended Universe, a new look at the updated costume has been revealed during the Las Vegas Licensing Expo. Not only do we get a good look at the Flash’s costume in all its glory, but he’s also joined by what will be Sasha Calle‘s Supergirl suit. You can see the shared images below:

Sadly, it doesn’t look like they also have Michael Keaton‘s updated Batman suit at the Expo, but it seems they are focusing on these two pieces. It does look like they have The Batman‘s iconic cycle in the background. Still, it’s great to get a closer look at the design that moves away from the armored design we see in the Justice League films. It seems more closely inspired by the iconic comic designs, which were more of a skintight outfit.

It’s crazy to think that we’ve originally seen this design in concept art almost two years ago, but still have to wait one more year to finally see it on screen. The pushback on the multiversal storyline also creates an issue with other releases, as some that take place in whatever new universe is set up by this film also may not release for some time, such as Batgirl which will feature Michael Keaton‘s Batman. There’s no official word for what the future of the DCEU will look like. So, we’ll have to wait for an update.

Source: Twitter

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