‘One Piece’ Director Was Against Using The Volume

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If it comes to filmmaking technology that had the biggest 180 public opinion, the Volume swiftly lost its standing after seemingly being a necessary tool during the pandemic. The idea is simple: you have LED screens built around that enable actors to interact with elements rather than just using a blank screen of various colors. The Mandalorian revolutionized technology, but its overuse in a lot of major films led to the internet changing its opinion on the tech quite hastily.

So, it was quite refreshing when One Piece hit Netflix and one of its biggest selling points was that it built pretty much most of its relevant sets. They also filmed in South Africa on water to make sure that the sea-faring adventure actually took place on the water. It seems a big reason for that is director Marc Jobst according to cinematographer Nicole Hirsch Whitaker in an interview with The Direct.

My director comes from the theater. So I think he was very much against that type of filmmaking for a show like this. He really felt like it was important for the actors to be in a real environment. Even when we shot [the] Gold Roger [sequence], even though that was a lot of blue screen, he took us to a real location and we shot in a castle so that they were surrounded by the walls and that they felt like they were in a space

Nicole Hirsch Whitaker

Of course, the use of blue screen still remains but most of the elements our cast interacts with are practical. So, the screens are simply there to help make the world feel real and ensure that the limitations of filming on a water stage don’t include the freeway from he background when the cast is supposed to be on the open seas. Whitaker also goes on to highlight that the story and use of daylight supported what they wanted to achieve with he series.

Some people might say that that’s not something that will happen in the future, but I do think if actors fight for that, as opposed to being in a room. And listen, the Volume is incredible, it’s amazing and it’s a wonderful tool. And it’s it’s really important because we have to embrace it for so many reasons. But I think for this show, a story about family and being out in the world with a lot of exteriors and a lot of daylight, I think this was the right way to go.

Nicole Hirsch Whitaker

There’ll likely be a point when the Volume gets a new time to shine with more additional support rather than being the main way the film. We don’t know if future use will remain but it seems safe to say that One Piece is going to remain focused on utilizing real sets moving forward, as it was one of the series’ biggest selling points. Season 2 also featured a variety of environments that’ll give them fun opportunities to establish a variety of fun environments for the cast to interact with.

Source: The Direct

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