‘One Piece’ Season 2 Eyeing 2025 Release

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We’ve been long waiting for an update on when the second season of One Piece will finally start production. The production has recently announced that Joe Trazc of Percy Jackson and A Series of Unfortunate Events fame has worked as an additional co-showrunner on the series. They’ve been working on the scripts for some time and are now seemingly getting ready for filming in the coming months.

What’s on Netflix shared that production is eyeing a start in June as hinted at by Production Weekly. They will be filming in South Africa, but we might see production expand in Spain and Mexico as well. The plan seems to be to film for around six to seven months by wrapping up by the end of January of next year. That would be around the same length as the first season.

Deadline has confirmed the June production start but also added a rather interesting addition. Season 2 seems to be eyeing a 2025 release. While the first season took quite a bit of time from its production end in August 2022 to the release a year later, they have figured out some of the trickier effects like Luffy’s stretching powers.

Not just that, they may already have used the prep time between seasons to get some elements together. However, it is tough to say if they will manage another August release. The VFX will be the biggest challenge given they are about to introduce a character like Chopper, though they may even go down a puppet route.

Source: What’s on Netflix, Deadline

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