Oscar Isaac Continues to Tease Jake Lockley’s Arrival in ‘Moon Knight’

moon knight jake lockley

Ever since the first episode released of Moon Knight, we’ve been seeing many hints that a third personality is hiding. Steven and Marc have been our main focus so far, but the fourth episode of the Disney+ series gave us these yet with a mysterious sarcophagus potentially including the third personality, Jake Lockley. Oscar Isaac has been having fun with the idea and has been teasing his eventual arrival.

In a new interview with ComicBook.com, the actor continues to tease the personality and teases that perhaps the final two episodes might shed light on what exactly is going on with the constant teasing and when we might finally get the reveal of Jake Lockley and why he’s been hidden for so long.

I’d say that you’re right. That it’s definitely things are pointing towards the idea that it’s not just Steven and Marc in that system, that there’s possibly others. Yeah, that’s something that we discussed. Two episodes left to find out.

Oscar Isaac

While he doesn’t confirm anything, it does seem likely that we’ll meet him at some point in the Disney+ series. With Marc currently stuck in the asylum–or his mind–the reveal can’t be too far off. It’ll be interesting to see how Moon Knight handles his introduction and if he might even tie into previous events, as there are enough hints that he has a role of some kind in this story. The only question remains after that. Will we get Oscar Isaac rocking that iconic moustache too?

Source: ComicBook

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