Paramount+’s ‘Halo’ Season 2 Kicks-Off Production With First Set Photo

halo season 2 production

It’s crazy to think that we had a live-action Halo series release on Paramount+ not too long ago. The idea of an adaptation focused on that franchise already seemed like a heavy burden for anyone willing to take the risk but the series still managed to pull in a second season renewal from the streaming service.

While the news is scarce on what exactly they have planned for the second season of Halo, it seems that production has finally started. Not only that, the official Twitter account even shared a first look at the set to celebrate the production start, which is currently taking place in Iceland.

We’ll see how the series continues the iconic franchise and how they’ll further explore this unique take on Master Chief. While familiar elements exist in this franchise, it’s mostly using the platform to tell its own stories that pay tribute to what came before. Translating a gaming franchise to live-action has been a challenge for many throughout the years, which is why it’s exciting to see the project get a chance at a second season.

Halo has also seen a resurgence in gaming with Halo: Infinity by 343 Industries. So, it’s also the perfect time to keep the momentum going as they further explore this universe through different perspectives. We’ll see if elements from the series even get added into the game’s multiplayer to play around with this new world that’s been established and the many characters that exist in it.

Source: Twitter

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