Paramout+ Pulling a Warner Bros. and Removing Freshly Canceled Shows

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Warner Bros. Discovery started a terrible trend when they started pulling projects from their streaming services. Not just projects they were licensing but also originals that weren’t readily available in any legal capacity outside of their specific streaming service. Then, Disney+ joined in by pulling some great shows like Big Shot and Willow, which were only released recently. It seems the streaming wars are slowly nearing their final chapter as Paramount+ is now pulling the exact same stunt.

The streaming service has decided to cancel four shows, which include Star Trek: Prodigy, Queen of the Universe, The Game, and Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies. Yet, to add insult to injury, they have also decided to completely remove the shows from the streaming service in the coming days. So, if you haven’t seen any of these projects and still want to check them out, this might be your last chance before they are gone. A spokesperson shared the following statement:

We want to extend our thanks to our tremendously talented cast and crew and our producing partners for their passionate work and dedication on these programs, and we wish them all the best on their future endeavors.

The depressing aspect of this trend is simply that it highlights the importance of physical media as who knows if any o these projects may be released anytime soon on other streaming services or on network television. Some actions are done for tax reasons, but they may not just wait it out before releasing the projects as part of bundle deals with others. The only question is if this is perhaps just the beginning of other purges from Paramount+.

Source: Variety

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