Lisa Kudrow on Her Character in Disney+’s ‘Better Nate Than Ever’

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Disney+ has become the home to a wide variety of storylines and continues to expand in unexpected ways. Their latest project is an adaptation of Tim Federle‘s 2013 novel, Better Nate Than Ever, which follows the story of an ambitious 13-year old who dreams of becoming a Broadway star. A fateful meeting with his estranged aunt, played by Lisa Kudrow, turns their lives upside down as he continues to follow his heart.

In the latest press junket, the cast offered some insight into how they tackled their characters, and Kudrow also offered some insight into how she tackled her role and praised Tim Federle, who wrote and directed the adaptation, on easing her into the role.

Well, Heidi is Nate’s aunt and sort of estranged from the family. She, I guess, got to be in a Broadway show that only went for three weeks but stayed to keep going.

Lisa Kudrow

The Friends actress went on to highlight what drew her to the story:

You could tell she kind of likes herself even though there’s not a lot of evidence for her to do that, but she can’t help it either. And she can’t help but love her nephew with all her heart and miss her sister. And I just like that she also had this arc of […] learning what the priorities are.

Lisa Kudrow

She followed it up with a golf analogy of getting addicted after getting your first “one good shot” on how the character couldn’t let go of that dream. She even jokingly highlighted that it was a fun experience being around musically talented people saying it “was thrilling.” She jokingly even filmed them as they were

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