Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier Might Have One More Death in Him in ‘Deadpool 3’

Few actors are as deeply associated with comic book movie characters as Patrick Stewart is with Charles Xavier. Stewart has portrayed Professor X in seven films, a post-credit scene and even voiced him in a few video games and has become inextricably linked to the character. He most recently returned to the role as a member of the Illuminati in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and after a memorable entrance was dishonorably discharged from his service by the Scarlet Witch. That wasn’t the first time Stewart’s Charles kicked the bucket on the big screen; according to him, it may not be the last.

Marvel Studios is just a few months away from beginning production on the third installment of the Deadpool franchise, a film that will introduce Ryan Reynolds‘ Merc with a Mouth and Hugh Jackman‘s Wolverine to the MCU. While Stewart hasn’t been confirmed for the film, he did tell Comic Book that he’s “been told to standby,” before adding, “I know nothing more than that, honest.”

Given the connection between Wolverine and Charles, it wouldn’t be remotely surprising to see the Professor in the film. However, one of the most sensible theories about the film–and one that seems to be picking up steam–is that its plot will be an adaptation of the Marvel Comic series Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. Should that be the case, the film might find room for a fourth and final (?) death for the character before Marvel Studios begins their work on the X-Men and recasts the role.

Deadpool 3/Wolverine and Deadpool begins production in May ahead of its November 8th, 2024 release as part of Marvel Studios’ Phase 4.

Source: Comic Book

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