Satan Claims ‘Constantine’ Sequel is in the Works

In 2005 actor Keanu Reeves made his debut as the master of the occult, John Constantine in an R-rated horror/fantasy thriller that saw the demonologist take on the likes of satan himself. The film featured a star-studded lineup with the likes of Tilda Swinton, Shia Labeouf, Rachel Weisz, Peter Stormare, and was directed by Francis Lawrence. Since then talk has been quite on the film, but since the launch of the HBO Max streaming service made the film more available for many, talk of the film has become more prominent with many finding the projected to have aged quite well over the past 13 years.

Now it seems there might be some movement on the project, actor Peter Stormare recently took to Instagram where he shared an image that displayed his depiction of the devil from the film in which he captioned “Sequel In The Works”. Now with stuff like this, you have to remember actors do not greenlight projects and neither do creatives behind them, but with a renewed interest in the original film having captivated many conversations over social media the past few months it wouldn’t be a completely crazy thing to see the studio have a renewed interest in the project.



As of right now, this is the only thing we’ve heard on the matter and it’s unclear if Reeves would be involved at all, as he has become quite the commodity in Hollywood these days. Earlier this year it was reported that JJ Abrams, along with his production company Bad Robot, would be developing projects based on the characters within the Justice League Dark such as Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Deadman, Etrigan, and of course, John Constantine. A few months back it was reported that Abrams was in the development of a new Constantine film and the studio was potentially courting Reeves to return to the project. The type of return wouldn’t be that unprecedented with many veteran DC actors having made returns as their past characters such as Brandon Routh, Kevin Conroy, and most recently Michael Keaton in the solo Flash film.

SOURCE: Instagram

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