MCU Phase 4 Schedule Still Revolves Around Story Continuity

Finally, after a long wait, we got some more information on WandaVision. Entertainment Weekly released an issue that featured some brand new images from the upcoming Disney+ show, as well as some insights from a set visit. Sadly, it still did not include a specific release date for the series. In the article full of teases, one particular mention about the pandemic has caught her eye.

With the pandemic shuffling release dates, Marvel is also taking extra care to ensure the new schedule won’t spoil story continuity.

We have wondered about the importance of continuity with all these delays. The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s largest selling point is that everything is connected. Yet, it also meant that every upcoming series or film was affected by any delay. Black Widow was initially going to kickstart the franchise’s fourth phase last May. Now, the film won’t release until next year. WandaVision has taken over that position. Yet, it was going to be the second MCU Disney+ series after Falcon and the Winter Soldier that was postponed into the next year. It was going to release in August and is a contender to have some stronger ties to Black Widow. There could still be a chance that it will not release until the first Phase 4 film finally hits theaters next May.

Yet, if we look back at the overall release dates, Eternals was going to premiere this month. It is now going to release after Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which once held the May 2021 release date. So, it would mean that these two films might be the most independent from the overarching storyline of Phase 4 but still feed into later releases. We do not know what the plan is for the other Disney+ shows that seem to be independent for now, such as Ms. Marvel or She-Hulk. This news is important to keep in mind for future releases, as it means that as long as the pandemic delays cinema reopenings, we might be seeing more from the MCU getting pushed back. It also means that Marvel Studios will have to reshuffle all the Disney+ shows to stay within continuity.

Source: EW

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