New ‘Doctor Strange’ Trailer Includes Updated Version of Original Marvel Fanfare Used in ‘X-Men’, ‘Spider-Man’, And More

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Here’s a rather curious detail. For some time, Marvel Studios has been highlighting its intros in new and creative ways, as fanfare has become an essential aspect of any Marvel viewing experience. It also makes them distinct from other studios that used the logo, such as Sony who included the “In Association With” during airings of their spinoffs like Venom. Interestingly enough, the first trailer has dropped for next year’s ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and it includes an interesting detail.

In the brief showcase of the fanfare getting split apart by what is likely the multiverse, similar in design to What If…?’s crystal effect, you can spot the original Marvel opening that was used for the original X-Men, Spider-Man, or any classic Marvel film. Early on, even Marvel Studios used it only adding the “Studios” part to make it distinct.

It’s not a direct reference, but the logo nowadays includes the live-action characters in its opening rather than comic depictions. It looks like an updated or slightly altered version of the original, if you compare it to Logan, for example.

The current version is quite a bit different, as it opens up with the comic logos but doesn’t showcase the Marvel logo until much later. What is interesting is that you can see a 3D version of the classic logo included as well. Perhaps we get a unique intro fanfare in the Doctor Strange sequel, which would make it stand out even more. It would be fun for them to explore different versions of their intro to highlight what the series or film focuses on, as they expand with cosmic and grounded storylines.

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