New Datamine Leak Confirms Rain, Mileena, and John Rambo in Upcoming ‘MORTAL KOMBAT 11’ DLC

It’s been a while now since Mortal Kombat 11’s smash-hit DLC Aftermath came out. Since then, fans have been heavily anticipating any new information on the game’s next kharacter offerings. Game director Ed Boon gave us hints all through the past week which fans lost their minds over trying to figure out what Boon’s cryptic teases were. Well, thanks to the MK community’s resident dataminer, thethiny, we now know that not only are fan-favorites Rain and Mileena returning but the next DLC is also set to feature the debut of John Rambo.



As one of those MK fans biting at the chomp for any news on what’s next for this game, holy shit. Rain was last playable in the game’s reboot Mortal Kombat 9 but made an appearance in the subsequent Mortal Kombat X’s story mode. Until now, Rain’s presence in MK11 was limited to some easter egg, skins, and one of Shang Tsung’s special moves. Mileena is arguably the most requested kharacter in this game, with her stans flooding the mentions of any person remotely connected to Netherrealm Studios asking for her return. Those fans will undoubtedly be very happy. John Rambo is by far the biggest surprise here. Everyone’s predictions for the guest kharacters were generally limited to horror icons like Ash from Evil Dead. But with 80s action icons Terminator and Robocop already in the roster, it makes a ton of sense to add Rambo into the mix.


Now if only Netherrealm would give us some actual news on this!


Source:  Twitter


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