RUMOR: Florence Pugh to Return as Yelena Belova in ‘Hawkeye’ Series

So, here is an interesting surprise. We are only a few days away before Hawkeye finally starts filming. We are still waiting for an official word on who might be playing Kate Bishop with Hailee Steinfeld still the biggest contender for the role. The story would be strongly inspired by Matt Fraction‘s run on the character. It was still uncertain what other characters we could see make a return from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, it looks like one important character that has yet been introduced will appear in the series after making her film debut. According to The Direct, Florence Pugh will return as Yelena Belova at one point in the series.

That is not all, as they also state that she will don a Ronin-inspired costume. Now, this is interesting for multiple reasons. We saw Clint Barton wear the iconic suit during Avengers: Endgame, as he killed various Yakuza, which was teased to haunt him in this series. We also had the rumors of Echo making an appearance, who had also donned the suit at one point in the comics. The mantle was worn by various characters but this is the first time that it is connected to Yelena. We believed that she would carry on the mantle of Black Widow once she makes her debut in the upcoming film, but it looks like her journey won’t be an easy one.

There is also the question of how her story will lead to the Disney+ series. We got a short teaser of her on a desk during the Black Widow trailer, so maybe she gets mind controlled and ends up in a similar situation to the Winter Soldier. Yet, there is a time difference between the film and the Disney+ series that opens up so many questions. There is a chance that she has met with Clint during his time as Ronin, who may have passed not he mantle to her rather than Echo. It’ll be interesting to see how it all connects once the show finally airs. Now, we just need to find out who is playing Kate Bishop.

Source: The Direct

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