Justin Long Calls ‘Barbarian’ the “Best Written Horror Script” He’s Ever Read

Actor Justin Long has called ‘Barbarian’ the “best written” horror script he’s ever read.

The early praise for Barbarian has been immense, and that positive feedback isn’t limited to film critics. Both the cast and crew of the movie have been publicly vocal about their love of the project, but actor Justin Long may have given the film its greatest note during a recent press conference promoting its release. When asked why he signed up to co-star with Bill Skarsgård and Georgina Campbell in Zach Cregger‘s horror debut, the former New Girl guest didn’t hold back:

It was the best written horror script I’d ever read. There was something very classic, completely unexpected. I had no idea what was happening. I was so intrigued by it. It was just unlike anything I’d read. Starts off as a well written romantic comedy, which is really hard to do. The dialogue was so fluid and natural. Then there were
things happened in it that broke so many rules. I was just so grateful; it was one of those things you read, and you are just so grateful that whoever wrote it wanted me to do it.

Justin Long

These are big words from Long, who has appeared in his fair share of popular spooky movies. Although he’s known for his work in comedy, Long has also shown up in Sam Raimi‘s Drag Me to Hell and the Jeepers Creepers franchise. If anybody is qualified to comment on a horror script, it may be him. Unfortunately for fans of the actor, they’ll have to wait until September 9th to see him take on whatever threat may be present in Barbarian.

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