Report: Harry Styles Joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Rumors about British star Harry Styles joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe have circulated for months and now, according to Variety senior writer Matt Donnelly, those rumors are true as Styles portrays Eros, the brother of Thanos, in Eternals.

Eros first appeared alongside Thanos in 1973’s Iron Man #55. When things on Titan began to fall apart, the carefree Eros left the planet in search of more hedonistic pursuits. After travelling the cosmos, sometimes in the company of Pip the Troll, Eros traveled to Earth and eventually became an Avenger where he took on the name of Starfox.

Starfox’s power set and comic book backstory will certainly be in need of an update as he make the jump to the big screen, but Styles is certainly just the right kind of handsome for the character whose appearance has always provided a stark contrast to his brother’s Deviant countenance. Styles is reported to appear in the post-credit scene of Eternals, but the nature of his appearance and what it might mean for future appearances aren’t news stories, but rather major spoilers best saved for when you see the film.

Eternals hits theaters November 5th!

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