‘Resident Evil’ Actor Joins Live-Action ‘One Piece’ as Don Krieg

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Probably among the biggest missing pieces in the East Blue Saga was Don Krieg. The main antagonist during the Baratie arc was surprisingly absent in most of the cast announcements for the live-action One Piece series heading to Netflix sometime this year. After a long wait, it seems that he has finally been uncovered as Resident Evil and Raised by Wolves actor Milton Schorr is playing the iconic admiral of the Krieg Pirates, as uncovered first by @OP_Netflix_Fan and the One Piece Live Action discord.

Krieg was among the many iconic villains that left quite an impression in the East Blue saga, especially with him being the first one to hint at the dangers of the Grand Line, Luffy’s main goal in reaching by the end of the saga. He also sets up a showcase of just how dangerous the world can be and that you can’t always trust everyone you come across.

The only major member of his team missing is Gin, who plays a vital role in introducing Sanji’s main character arc. We might see his casting finally get confirmed at a later date, as most of these castings aren’t from Netflix directly but rather from the actors confirming their appearances through their personal CVs. So, who knows if they even planned to announce anyone else in the near future or just jump straight into the trailer and poster.

Source: ArtistsOne

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