BTS Video Provides the Best Look Yet at Sam Wilson’s Underwhelming New Costume in ‘Captain America 4’

As page-to-screen adaptations go, the first Captain America costume Sam Wilson sported in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is truly about as good as it has gotten for Marvel Studios. Pulling off a white costume goes against one of the old-school principles of costume design, but Michael Crow and his crew were more than up to the challenge, putting Anthony Mackie into one of the MCU’s best costumes. As production continues on Captain America: New World Order, it seems the studio decided they could not leave well enough alone and, as seen in previous set photos, decided to craft a new, more traditional Captain America costume for Mackie’s Wilson. Those low-resolution set photos only caught bits and pieces of the suit but now a new behind-the-scenes video has provided a little better look at the new drip.

The video comes from footage taken at Atlanta’s Brown Airport by the same user who has provided the first looks at Wilson’s suit, Danny Ramirez‘s Joaquin Torres’ Falcon suit and WWE Superstar Seth Rollins‘s Serpent Society villain and looks as though it’s been taken during a stunt rehearsal.

While it’s still a low-resolution look, it’s by far the best look yet at Sam’s new suit…and it’s uninspiring. Gone are the white accents on the chest, shoulders and sleeves and the result is what looks like Sam borrowed one of Steve Roger’s old costumes. Let’s hope that Sam’s other suit is just at the cleaners during this scene and this isn’t the new look for the all-new, all-different Captain America.

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