New Netflix Exhibition Shows Off Live-Action ‘One Piece’ Props

one piece props

It’s feeling more and more like a trailer is on the horizon. Netflix’s live-action adaptation of One Piece has been teased since the beginning of the year with some beautiful posters, which only give us a glimpse of the Straw Hat crew. We did luckily see what the Going Merry looks like in live-action. It wasn’t until earlier this month on Monkey D. Luffy’s birthday that we finally got a letter from Oda teasing the live-action adaptation. Now, it seems that an exhibition in Harajuku named “Only on Netflix” is being held that shares some of the props from production.

So far, it seems there are only two props being showcased. One is the iconic Straw Hat from Luffy, which seems quite close to the one we saw in the poster. While some have pointed out that it doesn’t seem to be made of straw, there’s a wide variety of materials that they may have used and there’s always a difference in how they make use of these props for when they film it. The other prop might be familiar to readers of the manga: it’s Luffy’s first hand-drawn design of his Jolly Roger.

Of course, Usopp would go on to make one that fits the crew much better, but it’s a very one-to-one adaptation of what it looked like in the manga. So, we can expect a lot of different designs that might call back to what we saw in Eiichiro Oda’s original work. Here’s hoping we also get the infamous Nami Mermaid drawing that Luffy does. With TUDUM once again taking place in Brazil, they may carry over these props there but sadly it seems they only shared these two. Who knows if more will be showcased there?

Source: One Piece, Twitter

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