New ‘Captain America 4’ Set Pics Provide First Looks at New Costumes for Two Heroes

Marvel Studios loves a good costume change for their heroes. Even if subtle, changes to costumes move merchandise from lunchboxes to Marvel Legends and beyond and so it comes as no surprise that with each new appearance, the MCU heroes get new gear. Perhaps the biggest upgrade in the MCU’s history was Sam Wilson’s Vibranium Captain America suit that he sported in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Now, new set photos show Cap has another new suit and so does his new sidekick.

Set photos from Captain America: New World Order show Anthony Mackie‘s Sam sporting a more “true blue” Captain America suit while Danny Ramirez‘s Joaquin Torres looks to be stepping out in a comic-accurate costume, his first “super suit.”

The best look at the new Captain America suit comes courtesy of the same Twitter account that provided the first look at WWE Superstar Seth Rollins‘ Serpent Society character (presumably Cobra) on set. The new suit incorporates Sam’s chest logo into a more traditional Captain America color scheme, aka blue.

Another, albeit low-resolution, look at Sam’s new suit comes complete with a hint of Torres’ new costume. After having been handed the Falcon wings at the end of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, it seems Torres is ready to suit up as The Falcon.

Though it’s just a glimpse from the rear, the Falcon suit seems to at least share the same color scheme as the suit Torres first sported in 2016 in Nick Spencer‘s Sam Wilson: Captain America #6 which ended an arc that saw Sam take on…the Serpent Society.

Given that principal photography on Captain America: Probably-No-Longer-Sub-titled-New World Order has just about a month left to go, its possible that these set photos are from a fairly major second act battle between Cap and Falcon and the Serpent Society, though not all parts of all projects are filmed in order. Whatever the case, you can start saving up for that Cap 4 wave of Marvel Legends right now.

Sources: Twitter and IG

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