Set Photos Reveal First Look at WWE Star’s ‘Captain America 4’ Villain

Production on Captain America: New World Order continues to move along despite the WGA strike having indefinitely postponed production on Blade and shut down Daredevil: Born Again and Wonder Man for short periods of time. Principal photography on the film kicked off in March and produced some interesting behind-the-scenes looks at Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson, Shira Haas‘ Sabra and others attending a funeral as well as first looks at Harrison Ford as President Thunderbolt Ross and the return of Tim Blake Nelson‘s Samuel Sterns. Now, a new look from the set of the film has revealed a pair of villains, one of whom is being played by WWE Superstar Seth Rollins.

Photographer Christopher Oquendo was able to capture Rollins along with an unidentified co-star as they prepared to shoot scenes with Mackie. It seems as though Rollins has joined the cast of the film as one of the members of the villainous Serpent Society. While it’s unclear which member of the group he’s playing, it appears as though the co-star sporting a similar costume is Diamondback, who has long been rumored to appear in the film.

In the comics, the members of the Serpent Society typically sport much more garish costumes than what Rollins and his unidentified co-star are wearing here and, would make them much easier to identify. However, it seems pretty likely that Rollins is playing Klaus Vorhees, aka Cobra, aka King Cobra, one of the many former leaders of the Serpents. What role they villains will have in an already busy film remains to be seen! Captain America: Probably No Longer Subtitled New World Order is tentatively slated to hit theaters May 3, 2024.

Source: Twitter

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