Rocksteady’s ‘Suicide Squad’ Game Delayed Until 2024

suicide squad delay

It looks like the wait has just gotten longer for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Just recently, PlayStation went all out with a showcase of the upcoming looter shooter from Batman Arkham developers Rocksteady but the game was pushed back shortly after. There was no real date confirmed of when we might expect it, as many believed it might just be a few months to tweak the game.

Yet, some believed it was to rework the entire structure given the negative reception surrounding the Battle Pass system, which was already given a negative reception when the first leaks happened. While it’s not confirmed, the question of why they delayed it right after the showcase had many scratching their head about what is going on.

Sadly, it seems that they are definitely going to be putting a lot more work into the game, as its release date has been postponed to February 2nd of 2024. That is quite a wait and while they promise to ensure the best quality, it’s still curious that such a massive delay took place in the first place.

There’s no real official word on what they are working on, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier believes that the nine months delay isn’t enough time to truly rework an entire system and there’s always a lot more complexity to what it means to “polish” a game. For now, we can only wait quite a bit longer before we finally see what exactly Rocksteady is cooking behind the scenes.

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