RUMOR: Netflix’s ‘AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER’ Live-Action Series Casting Azula

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Avatar The Last Airbender made its streaming debut last year right as the pandemic struck the world, acting as a bit of light in a tough time for everyone. The show struck quite the cord once again, causing everyone to fall back in love with the show’s story and characters. With everyone ablaze about the series many quickly remembered that Netflix was deep in the development of a live-action adaption of the beloved story, a bittersweet concept for some.

Azula's Creepy Ladies Are the Best Part of Avatar

Casting for Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Zuko was just recently revealed by Netflix as the project takes one giant leap forward. It seems that the studio may also be actively casting for the role of Princess Azula, Zuko’s estranged sister and daughter of Fire Lord Ozai. AvatarNews is reporting that the role of Azula is being cast for the first season. No details on the casting have been made, but casting will likely test out the actresses chemistry with Dallas Liu, who was recently cast in the role of Zuko.

The casting of Azula may raise quite a few eyebrows for many die-hard fans of the series. While she is quite the fan favorite, she has no role in the first season. It’s not until the end where she is tasked with hunting the Avatar and her brother Zuko by the Fire Lord. It’s right on the heals when her brother betrayed the Fire Nation. It’s possible the actress may not debut until the very end of the season, or we get more background on the sibling’s relationship before she is tasked with hunting him down.

Source: AvatarNews

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