RUMOR: ‘The Flash’ Reshoots Scheduled for This Month

the flash reshoots

The Flash has had one of the most out-there productions we may have witnessed for any comic book property or even film. Not only was the film in development hell for many years, it got passed on from one director to the next. At one point, it seemed inevitable that they’d skip the project altogether but surprisingly It director Andrés Muschietti ended up taking the helm.

Finally, with a director in place and filming underway, its main star, Ezra Miller, started to gather one troubling headline after another. His actions had many wondering if they could even release the project considering his actions, but even after its merger, Warner Bros. Discovery was keen on getting the project out.

In a new tweet from Big Screen Leaks, it seems like the film may be planning some reshoots later this month. They do point out that this isn’t to change the ending, something some expected might be done to recast Miller with another actor to avoid further drama. It seems like these are some minor pickup shots, which we’ve also seen Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania do recently.

The long-awaited film is set to release on June 16th this year and it does seem like we shouldn’t expect another sudden delay in the production; at least as long as no sudden new headlines make the rounds. Here’s hoping we’ll finally get to sit down and see what DC’s approach to the multiverse is going to look like when it finally releases.

Source: Twitter

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