RUMOR: Thunderbolt Ross Will Be President Red Hulk In ‘New World Order’

Captain America: New World Order, in many ways, can be described as a low-key Hulk film as several characters from the gamma-radiated corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe make their return. One of those characters is Thunderbolt Ross, who is now being played by a very elderly Harrison Ford.

Ross is at the center of a brewing internet rumor (via Daniel RPK) claiming the former Secretary of State will be reintroduced as the new MCU POTUS but with a twist: he’ll be Red Hulk as well.

Fans have long yearned for the appearance of Ross’ crimson alter-ego. The death of William Hurt may have given pause to that idea but the recasting of the character, along with the return of The Leader, makes that Rulk appearance all but confirmed. The big question now is whether Red Hulk keeps the ‘stache or not upon transforming.

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