‘Nier Reincarnation’ Mobile Game Confirmed for Western Release

2020’s Tokyo Gameshow kicked off with some showcases. We finally got a first look at the upcoming Nier Replicant remake. That isn’t all the Nier content we got. They also showcased the mobile game Nier Reincarnation. They finished out the closed Beta that showcased the game’s stunning 3D graphics and soundtrack. If there is anything this franchise will always be remembered for it is the memorable music by Keiichi Okabe. Now, we were just wondering if a Western release date would finally be revealed alongside Replicant. Sadly, no official release date for now but they did finally confirm that a Western release is coming. The event also included a short teaser.

The game does look stunning. I do wish this was released on consoles but it does seem like a lot of work was put into the mobile version. The short video teased quite a few unknown characters. There was a quick banter between the creators with a joke on them skipping on Okabe‘s amazing music. The mobile game will feature different gaming styles. There are 3D sections where you explore an unknown world. They have also included 2D storybook sections that flesh out the story alongside turn-based battles. I mean, who could say no to more Nier?

Source: YouTube

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