‘Nier Replicant’ Remake Release Date Revealed

The time has finally come, Toyko GAmeshow 2020 has finally started. As the pandemic has made things a bit complicated, the event is now digital-only. The best part, they kickstarted the event with one of my personal favorite franchises Nier. Yoko Taro created an entire franchise based on a joke ending from Drakengard. The series truly took off after the release of Nier Automata. Most were introduced to the series through the loosely-connected sequel. The original Nier Replicant was split up into two distinct games based on their localization. While Japan had a young brother protecting his sister as the protagonist, the Western release switched it by making him her father. A remake of the Replicant variant was revealed and we were waiting for an official release date.

In a small teaser with the wonderful music of the franchise, we finally got the release date. The remake is set to release on 23rd April next year. In the reveal, they confirmed this is the European and North American release with Japan getting it a day early. Players will finally get the chance to try out. They also revealed that the cover artwork will be different between localizations. Kauma Koda did the artwork for the Western release of the game. Yoshida‘s Japanese cover will also be included as a flip cover. Of course, they’ll also release a special collectors edition that even includes the voice over script. This was currently only confirmed for Japan so it is uncertain if this will be translated. As a huge fan of the franchise, I sadly also missed out on actually playing the game so I cannot wait for April.

Source: YouTube, Twitter

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