Warner Bros. Weighing Options as Ezra Miller’s Spiral Continues

As Ezra Miller’s very public downward spiral continues, Warner Bros. is now reportedly weighing their options with how to proceed with their $200M+ Miller vehicle, The Flash. After being charged with felony burglary, Miller was in the news again when it was reported that a mother and her three children who had been staying with Miller are now missing and being searched for by child’s services in Vermont. With Miller continuing to be in the news for all the wrong reasons, Warner Bros. is said to be considering three options with The Flash.

According to THR, while it is not the studio’s first choice, they have come to the realization that should Miller’s erratic and headline-grabbing behavior continue, they will have to bury the film and eat its massive budget. While this is not their first choice nor their preferred option, it is the first time during Miller’s spree that reports out of the studio indicate it’s a possibility. At the other end of the spectrum, should Miller seek help and come forward with a public apology, the studio is willing to move forward with the film and allow Miller limited opportunities to promote it. In between those two ends is an option where the studio releases the film and keeps Miller away from press entirely, and then recasts the character moving forward, a move that has been the subject of fan speculation and discussion for months.

According to the report, a recast and reshoot for The Flash would be impossible because Miller plays several characters in the film and “is in almost every scene.” Even as Warner Bros. has canceled several projects and looks to the future, their decision to move forward with The Flash, which was first announced in 2014, seems informative. Fans of long speculated that the movie could serve as an opportunity to “reboot” the continuity of the existing DC Universe and with the studio’s newly announced direction, it does seem a likely option.

Source: THR

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