Latest ‘One Piece’ Set Video Reveals Shank’s Ship

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We just recently shared a first look at the One PIece’s Marines as set photos have found their way online. Yet, it seems that wasn’t it, as @DesneCitrus has also shared a rather curious video that hints at another ship that is currently under construction. What stands out is that the red coloring and the size of the head – even if incomplete – would hint at Shank’s famous Red Force.

The give-aways that this is his Red Force are mainly the size of the head, which was strongly inspired by Norse ships from the Vikings in the manga, as well as the general red coloring of the rest of the ship. It’s not a confirmation in case we get a full look at the figurehead, but it’s an easy guess given what we know from the manga and anime.

A full look at the ship was shared by @OP_Netflix_Fan, which shows that the ship is right next to the Golden Merry, which we have seen quite a bit of in the past.

The designs are a bit more muted, but there’s a chance they might add some designs in post-production. Shank’s ship is missing the ornaments on the side as well as the golden circle on the front, but they are also still working on it. So, it may get added on later, as the Going Merry went through a few changes since the first time it was spotted.

Source: Twitter, Twitter

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