‘She-Hulk’ Concept Art Reveals Unused Daredevil Villain

she hulk concept art

If there was one thing She-Hulk: Attorney at Law had plenty of, it was low-tier foes for the titular hero to face. Almost weekly, fans were introduced to new, second-rate baddies from the Marvel universe, whether they be in the courtroom or making ill-advised decisions in the streets. In fact, there were so many ridiculous characters, it almost seemed like nothing the writers pitched ever hit the cutting room floor. Unfortunately, that is not true. It would seem that at least one minor villain actually failed to make the grade, and was removed from the show prior to filming.

Concept artist Wesley Burt, who did a lot of the early design work on the series, took to Instagram to reveal a classic Daredevil villain was, at one point, supposed to make an appearance in She-Hulk. Carl Burbank, better known as Bushwacker, is a mercenary and longtime enemy of the Man Without Fear. Formerly a priest, he abandoned his vows after a string of deaths in his parish, and instead became a paid killer for the CIA. He was outfitted with weaponized, cybernetic arms, which he eventually used to get jobs from bigger baddies like Kingpin and The Hood.

Burt claims that Bushwacker would have appeared in an early episode of She-Hulk, though it’s unclear where he would have fit in. Based in the show’s track record, it’s likely the character would have had a small, comedic role. Burt essentially confirms this when he says the mercenary would have struggled to change out and load his “robohands” during his time on screen. Either way, it would have been cool to see such a deep-cut Marvel villain in live-action. Perhaps Marvel Studios will find somewhere else to use Bushwacker soon.

Source: Instagram

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