‘Wakanda Forever’ Producer Reveals ‘Ironheart’s Place on the MCU Timeline

ironheart timeline

There have been many questions surrounding when exactly the upcoming Ironheart series takes place. Not only is Dominique Thorne going to be introduced in the upcoming Black Panther sequel, Wakanda Forever but set photos from the Disney+ spinoff hinted at some new armors she is working on. With no sighting of the one that was recently leaked through tie-in merchandise, it seemed odd that Riri Williams wouldn’t use it in her own series.

Well, luckily producer Nate Moore who worked on Black Panther Wakanda Forever offered some insight into the series and its place on the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline. While we don’t yet know exactly when the sequel takes place, it looks like the Disney+ series is a direct continuation rather than a prequel.

Riri is carrying the experience that she had in this movie back home to MIT & there’s some interesting repercussions to her adventures that will set her on a fun course.

Nate Moore

It’s definitely a curious direction and it does make sense that they’d want to continue her storyline. Plus, the experience of working with the Wakandans could become a helpful tool when she is faced with a new challenge in the form of magic. Many set photos and the confirmation of The Hood as an antagonist do give credence to her taking on a new kind of challenge. Perhaps the new suits we see are prototypes to take on this new threat. Of course, the power source required to run her finalized Ironheart armor may also need some rework which leads to her experimenting. Whatever the direction may be, it remains promising to see what the future of the MCU has in store.

Source: YouTube via Twitter

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