‘Ironheart’ Set Photo Seemingly Confirms ‘Doctor Strange’ Comics Character

ironheart set

A recent rumor hinted that actress Regan Aliyah is set to bring Zelma Stanton—a Doctor Strange ally and apprentice—to live action in Ironheart. A new set photo that has emerged from the series seems to support that Zelma will make an appearance.

In the photo, a sign for a bookstore reads, “Stanton’s Sweets, Reads, & More.” In the comics, Zelma initially joined the sorcery world as Doctor Strange’s librarian, so the fact that the character is linked to a bookstore signals that the character may be introduced in her early stages as the Sorcerer Supreme’s ally.

Zelma is a relatively new character to the comics anyway, first appearing in 2015 in Jason Aaron’s Doctor Strange run. After being helped by the sorcerer, Zelma becomes the librarian for the Sanctum Santorum. After several adventures in this capacity, she decides to practice magic as Strange’s apprentice. The series already features The Hood as the main antagonist, and Sacha Baron Cohen is heavily rumored to play Mephisto in the series, so having another magic-related character in Ironheart further fuels the technology versus magic theme or plot for the series.

Check out the set photo below:

Ironheart is set to stream on Disney Plus in the Fall of 2023.

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