RUMOR: ‘Ironheart’ Adds Another Magic User and Ally of Doctor Strange

Marvel Studios upcoming Disney Plus streaming series Ironheart continues to shape up to be the MCU’s first really magic vs. tech battle. Kevin Feige announced Anthony Ramos as the series’ main antagonist, Parker Robbins, aka The Hood, at D23 and a recent rumor that Sacha Baron Cohen will appear as Mephisto continues to gain traction as more sources chime in on its legitimacy. With two major magic users in her way, it would stand to reason that Riri Williams might need some help understanding just what she’s up against and a new rumor might point in the direction of just that kind of ally.

According to Geek Vibes Nation, actress Regan Aliyah, who joined the cast at the end of August, is set to play Zelma Stanton in Ironheart. Stanton is a relatively recent addition to the Marvel Comics’ universe, having been introduced in 2015 at the beginning of Jason Aaron’s run on Doctor Strange. Shortly after meeting Strange, Zelma agreed to work at the Sanctum Santorum as his librarian. More recently, Zelma has appeared in Strange Academy, a series in which Strange and some of the most powerful magicians in the Marvel Universe have opened a school for young magic users.

At this point, we can only speculate as to what Zelma’s role in Ironheart might entail, but it does seem likely she will be assisting Riri as she learns about magic and takes on The Hood and the powerful demon Mephsito. As is often the case for characters adapted into the MCU from the comics, Zelma’s origin story might be changed a bit to allow for her to hop right into the action. Whatever the case, for a show featuring a tech genius, Ironheart is becoming very magic-heavy and very interesting.

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