‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Prequel Announced as Graphic Novel

This is Halloween, everybody make a scene! Or in this case, a full-blown graphic novel. TOKYOPOP, publisher of Western manga-style works, has officially announced a new installment in their line of comics based on Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Subtitled The Battle For Pumpkin King, the series will act as a prequel to the critically-acclaimed film, exploring a time before Jack Skellington was the undisputed Pumpkin King of Halloween Town.

The story, set years prior to the events of the movie, will see Jack and his future rival – Oogie Boogie – as close friends. Eager to prove themselves, the pals pour all their passion into spooky projects so they might be known as the scariest duo in town. However, only one can earn their rightful place as the titular Pumpkin King. The Battle For Pumpkin King will reveal what happens between the two that turns them into bitter enemies, and leads to Jack’s eventual crowning.

Written by Dan Conner, based on a story by Shaun McLaughlin and D.J. Milky, the full-color project features art from Deborah Allo and Roberto Scalia in another deep-dive into the holiday-themed world crafted by Tim BurtonThe Nightmare Before Christmas: The Battle For Pumpkin King will be released as five single issue comics beginning in March of 2023, before dropping as a collected graphic novel in time for next Halloween. The novel follows two others previously produced by TOKYOPOP – Zero’s Journey, also written by Conner, and Mirror Moon, written by Mallory Reaves. Both are currently available.

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