Skrulls Spotted in Major Cities Ahead of ‘Secret Invasion’ Debut

Marvel Studios has been having a bit of fun in promoting their upcoming Disney Plus streaming series, Secret Invasion. From releasing hidden messages online that lead to uncovering the first 5 minutes of the series to the subterfuge that has been their entire press tour, the studio certainly can’t be accused of “same old Marvel.” Now, they’ve taken it to a whole new level.

A series of videos have made their way to Reddit that show Skrulls part of different newscasts in major cities across the country. The videos show actors fully decked out as Skrulls either walking through news stories or, in this case, working behind the camera!

They can be anywhere. They can be anyone. Who do you trust? Secret Invasion begins streaming on Disney Plus June 21st at 3 AM ET/12 PT.

Source: Reddit

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