DC’s HBO Max Future Uncertain, ‘Batgirl’ Likely Heading to Theatrical Release

green lantern hbo max

The Wonder Twins have met an early demise as the new leadership at Warner Bros. Discovery is looking to shake things up and set the DC Extended Universe on a clearer path. It seems the twins may have just been the first of many causalities going by a recent statement.

The new leadership, led by David Zaslav, is reportedly placing a mandate that states all DC films should be set as theatrical releases as their first goal. This decision stems from the budgets many of these films have with Zaslav using Wonder Twins‘ $75 million as an example. They don’t see that kind of investment viable with a good return with a release on HBO Max. This would mean that a film like Batgirl, which is still set to release on HBO Max could instead see a shift from the streamer to a wide theatrical release.

The Hollywood Reporter also states that sources have told them that a lot of things that are being developed by Warner Bros. are likely going to be scrapped and never see the light of day. It seems the Green Lantern series may be in danger as it’s hit multiple delays in production and could exceed the budget granted to projects on the streamer. The bright side could see the film finally get some steam behind it and the long-awaited return of a character like Hal Jordan could become a possibility.

It may be a while before we know exactly what is happening with the DC Extended Universe and many of the other projects in development. While things may seem uncertain it could lead to a much smoother March forward for the franchise.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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