‘SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME’ 24-Hour View Count Swings to New Record All-Time High

spider man no way home record

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home. As rumors kept piling on teasing multiverse shenanigans, it was bound to garner a lot of attention after finally hitting the internet. Well, it looks like the film even beat Avengers: Endgame‘s all-time record as it stands at a staggering 355.5M global views within 24 hours. The last Avengers entry managed 289M, which is quite a staggering difference. It’s also an incredible jump from Spider-Man: Far From Home, as the film more than doubled it, as it garnered around 135M.

To up that into perspective what it means for its eventual Box Office release. Far From Home is Sony’s largest-grossing title with $1.131 billion. So, while Social Media buzz isn’t always a perfect indicator, the film has the potential to inch towards a potential $2B+ Box Office. Of course, the pandemic is still roaming and could certainly put a damper on that, as Sony still is uncertain to keep the upcoming Venom sequel in its current release window. It also garnered around 4.5M mentions within 24-hours which is the highest conversation volume of all time. Domestically, it also passed Endgame’s 1.94M with 2.91M mentions. It passed the previous record-holder within the first twelve hours.

There’s a lot of excitement with the grand return of Spider-Men from past Sony franchises, which has been a popular rumor going around. The trailer also ended on a high note with the return of Alfred Molina, who openly confirmed his return and even offered some insight into his character for the film. There’s also the tease of various other iconic villains joining the fray with the pumpkin bomb tease being a special highlight.

Source: Deadline

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