XCOM-Inspired Marvel game ‘MIDNIGHT SUNS’ Revealed

A long-standing rumor has just been confirmed in today’s Gamescom’s presentation. Midnight Suns will be the newest game to brandish the Marvel brand and the first to be developed by Firaxis Games, the company responsible for the XCOM series. Check out the first trailer below!

As the rumor has long suggested, this game will be a tactics-RPG in the same vein as the XCOM games, which kind of isn’t surprising given the developers. The game is set to feature a bunch of characters that are commonly associated with Marvel’s iconic Midnight Sons team such as Ghost Rider, Blade, Doctor Strange and a bunch of other mystic characters we don’t usually see in Marvel games such as Magik and Nico from Runaways. The game, of course, features also the more famous characters like Wolverine and Iron Man.

Interestingly enough, the game will also feature an original character called The Hunter, whom you will see in the trailer is the character they summon from the tomb and the seemingly central key figure of the game. Gameplay footage is expected to debut in less than a week so stay tuned.

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