‘Stranger Things’ Will End After Newly Announced Season 5

Just over two years ago, Murphy’s Multiverse revealed that the wildly popular Netflix streaming series Stranger Things had plans in place for a fifth season. Two years later, through COVID-delays and uncertainty around when Season 4 would stream, series creators Matt and Ross Duffer have confirmed that a fifth and FINAL season is indeed happening.

Seven years ago, we planned out the complete story arc for Stranger Things. At the time, we predicted the story would last four to five seasons. It proved too large to tell in four, but — as you’ll soon see for yourselves — we are not hurling toward our finale. Season 4 will be the penultimate season; Season 5 will be the last.

The statement about the fifth season comes as the long-awaited release date for the show’s fourth season was announced. Surprisingly, Season 4 of Stranger Things will be split up into two volumes, with the first premiering on May 27th and the second on July 1st.

As indicated in another one of our 2020 scoops, the events of Season 4 will introduce a slew of new characters, many of whom were brought on under two-year deals and will be involved in the mysterious events surrounding Hopper. The fourth season is also said to pay homage to horror classics such as Alien and Maximum Overdrive, as the Duffers continue to sample some of the great horror films of the 80s in the series.

Sources: TV Line, THR

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