‘Suicide Squad’ Game Will Add More Playable Characters

suicide squad game new characters

Is anyone else getting a feeling of déjà-vu? During the latest PlayStation State of Play, we finally got a good look at the upcoming game by Rocksteady focused on Task Force X. Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League will let you play as four members of the iconic group but it seems more are already in the pipeline.

Similar to Marvel’s Avengers, the new Suicide Squad game is promising that more content is set to release even after the game finds its way into shelves in May. They will have a different system though with a confirmed Battle Pass heading our way. So, it would be safe to assume that characters are only purchasable with a battle pass.

The only question remains: who would they join and can we expect more story elements? It does seem unlikely they’ll add a lot more to the story. So, they may have an endgame structure already mapped out, which was one of the biggest criticism against Marvel’s Avengers, which had a repetition issue with reused missions.

This also opens up the possibility of other iconic members of the Suicide Squad getting added to the game. It seems safe to assume that almost everyone will make use of gunplay one way or another. So, we might see characters like Bloodsport or Peacemaker get added at some point, especially with their newfound popularity in the recent film adaptation by James Gunn. For now, we’ll have to wait and see what heads our way.

Source: YouTube

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